16-19 JUNE 2021, ESTONIA

Solstitium is the legendary beginning-of-summer gathering that takes place in the middle of thick forests, lasting for 4 days and 3 nights, with 5 stages and 70 DJ’s, live-performances, different workshops and interactive installations, plenty of art and decorations, lasershows and VJ’s, 3 different saunas, delicious homemade food available day and night, drinks and cocktail's for all tastes, bazaar, swimming and canoeing.

There are beds and rooms available for rent for those who prefer not to camp. 

Come and start your Summer with a proper blast that you will remember for a long time!

High quality sound and Light by EventCenter!

The stage where you can hear Psy- and Goatrance through an amazing sound system, complimented by visually psychedelic decorations, UV-lighting and a light show. Dancefloor where you can dance yourself into a trance and release all of your stress and worries. Also there is a bar/info/admission and lounging area. Outside of it is an open area with a trampoline and beanbags.

  • Sonic Species (UK)  Nano Records LIVE
  • U-Recken (IL)  Dacru Records LIVE
  • Comic Harmony (EE) LIVE
  • Biopolar (FIN) LIVE
  • Taaraterra (EE) LIVE 
  • Keluk  (EE) LIVE
  • Edessey (LV)
  • Misha (EE)
  • Asko (EE)
  • Planeet (EE)
  • Demonia (EE)
  • PsyZone (EE)
  • Asiilanna (EE)
  • Psyhhedelia (EE)
  • Astral Renegade (EE)
  • Darkenstein (EE)
  • Heavysavu (EE) 
  • HullAnts (EE)
  • Martian (EE)
  • Initial (EE)
  • Fraktal (EE)
  • Guest (EE) 
  • Asu (EE) 
  • Sirtja (EE)

This Spaceflight is going to be epic! 


The kitchen will be open 24h a day and is going to offer a wide selection of food for both omnivores and plant-based eaters. Our lovely chefs from Space will for example prepare delicious sweet potato fries, burgers, seljanka, grilled meat and different one-pot vegetable dishes. Together we will begin our journey to Mars, which has been the main source of delicious chocolate brownies for years. In the mornings there will be a rich buffet selection.



This year you can dive into the Wonderland with Alice. Where is the rabbit? What does Cheshire Cat think about your present state of mind? Let your inner child become alive.

Plenty of space in Space to relax on soft beds covered with pillows and enjoy your food and drinks comfortably in the fresh air.

There is a bar open for all your tea, coffee, beer, cider and other drink needs.



Last year’s super popular Space stage will be back with even better line-up, sound and light. You will hear house in all forms (progressive, tech, deep, tribal, melodic, minimal), etno trancedance, UK funky, afrobeat, garage, fusion, organic downtempo.

Thursday and Sunday line-ups are managed by Medi.

Friday line-up in managed by Still Out.

Saturday line-up is managed by Joy Verano (Good Vibes Only).

  • Aigar
  • Annes Org
  • German
  • Hendrik Suurhans
  • Hurmet Ilus
  • I.AM
  • iPõder
  • Joy Verano
  • Kekkonen&Õis
  • Khmelnitsky
  • Kipper
  • Luca Nioi
  • Martian
  • Medi
  • Missy Tiger
  • Mog&Ken
  • Noa
  • NORO
  • Nuane
  • Romet Priessman
  • ŠaKarma
  • Siim2000
  • Taavet Bristol
  • Taavi Tiirmaa
  • Technoviking TF
  • Tristan Rebane
  • U(!)NTS
  • Uku Légal
  • Villem Vatter

Once your feet have become sore from all the dancing and you feel like curling up in a warm and soft fairy’s nest, it’s time to head to Chillout. You will hear ambient, psychill, downtempo, deep heads, world sounds, LIVE performances and much more that will soothe your ears.

Amazing light installations, beautiful colours and lots of room to either move around or lay down and relax between soft pillows.

Chillout is located in a spacious warm house. In the entry room there will be area full of fun things to play with, drawing materials, Virtual Reality journey provider and Mash Machine.

In the backroom there will be Psycare station where you can share your experiences and collect information.

Chillout stage will be coordinated, lights and installations created by Aleks Creek.

The stage decorations will be done by MonaLisa Pajula and her team.

  • Aleksei Polianin
  • DJ Aleks Creek & Serj Solo
  • Fjordwalker
  • Fuluf
  • Kristin Kalnapenk
  • Kuki
  • MAOA
  • Nagual Dance
  • Nuane
  • pØrt
  • ŠaKarma
  • Shvmvntrvs
  • vibechek

Our newest member of the club, Blackbox, features two flagships of Estonian underground, alternative music scene.


Friday will be managed by ATTIC BASS, a sound and video recording studio with Live Broadcasts of DJ performances. Their main purpose is to give an opportunity to all performers and producers of electronic dance music to show their creativity and performance skills.

There will be D´N´B!

  • Merimell (dnb set) 
  • 9bit 
  • Ikoona 
  • Thriller 
  • Estetic Galaxy 
  • Neo_n 
  • Fatlemon 
  • Kling 
  • ttypical 
  • Dead Ahead 
  • Fes 
  • redline 
  • Esther Lätte 
  • Reglok

Saturday will be managed by HALL, a platform offering a stage to electronic music and visual arts, introducing Eastern European underdogs to the world. Their managed Technoclub Hall is a modern cultural centre and internationally known as a Mecca for new electronic dance music in the region, offering guests superb visual and spatial experience and a chance to relax and recharge batteries.

There will be TECHNO!

  • Kaspar Kivilo
  • Micaela Saraceno
  • Artur Lääts
  • Varjur LIVE
  • noa
  • Meelis Vili

Area by the lake where you can feel yourself like at the Carribean.
Latin, reggae, tropical, worldbeat, etno sounds during the day.
Drum circles and ambient sounds during the night.
Fireplace 72 hours.
Colorful, joyful decorations.
Body painting, UV T-shirt and painting workshop.
Area managed by Art of Nature festival team.

In Jäälinnu house, on the 1st floor, you can experience the healing power of art therapy as different workshops will be taking place. You can also find art exhibitions in the same room.

The room is curated by Karoliine Kask.

Downstairs there is a safe, beautiful, held space where you can take part in different ceremonies, jam, sing and drink tea.

  • sound journeys
  • singing circles and vocalizing
  • mens circle
  • womens circle
  • mindfulness
  • ceremonies
  • workshops

The room is held by Hinge festival team. 

Ceremony's by

Ingrid Joya Tsirel ja Indres Viirsaar (Olen Hoitud)
Ilona-Maria Abiline
Janer Vislap
Omida Velviste
Siret Teris

Art by

Karoliine Kask

Kristel Mägedi

  • 3 saunas
  • Opening ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Jam sessions
  • Healing ceremonies
  • Drum circles
  • Sound journeys
  • Swimming
  • SUP- boards
  • Boats and canoes on the lakes
  • Village swing
  • Trampoline
  • Art Installations
  • Sunday bazaar
  • Mash Machine
  • Virtual Reality
  • Performances
  • Ping pong table
  • Forest trails

P.L.U.R.R. - Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Responsibility

Festival location and details are available after registering through the form and paying the participation fee

Information : solstiitsium@gmail.com